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Built on Jerry Twombly’s 50 years in Development work, Certified Development Professional is a comprehensive program, certifying you in God-honoring principles and practical tools proven to advance your Kingdom work.






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Many organizations realize a 20-30% increase in giving to their ministry within one year of using CDP.

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We’ve been there! You have a heart for the mission and you want to help, but how? Or, you might be the person with the compelling Vision, but how do you engage others? Is it all really just about raising more money? What really works?


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A good leader is always learning and growing…building his or her own capacity for advancing the Kingdom of God. Improve your skills. Earn professional recognition. Inspire others.

The additional Certified Development Professional training we attended gave us strong capacity-building skills for the long-term health of our organization. The NonProfit Authority brings great resources to the table and delivers.


Former Director, Pregnancy Care Center, Springfield, MO

Excellent and professional CDP Coaches guide and inspire you to intentionally and strategically apply the development principles in areas critical to your organisation’s growth and success to God’s great glory. It’s a joyful journey of quality learning and empowerment – at your pace, with powerful results!


Media Fundraising Consultant, Christianityworks Africa - Rwanda

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The CDP credential communicates to ministry leaders and partners that you understand the unique dynamics of Development and fundraising–and know how to use them effectively.

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Development is everything that we do to build rational relationships.

Jerry Twombly

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FundraisingFundraising does not need to be the first course you take in your CDP journey. It will, however, give you a full explanation of many of our important terms, principles, and strategies. Our overriding Definition of Development, our Rules of Development (okay, they’re more like guidelines), and Developmental Indicators will quickly get you started with proven and practical strategies to use in your ministry’s Development plan. Enroll in Fundraising ›

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the definition of Development.
  • Learn and apply tracking of your ministry’s Developmental Indicators to chart a course of growth.
  • Learn how to immediately apply the Rules of Development to your ministry.
  • Learn and apply Giving Charts to your ministry to guide fundraising goals.
  • Learn the importance of non-funding programs to support your Development strategies.
  • Learn four strategies used in nearly every Development and fundraising plan.
Development & The Relationship Continuum

Development & The Relationship ContinuumDevelopment is all about relationship…because the Kingdom of God is about relationship. Your ministry will not lack resources when you focus on your relationships. Just as with people in love, relationships are on a continuum between the emotional and the sustainable. A relationship needs to be courted, managed, cared for, and strengthened. Knowing and acting on the stages of the Continuum is at the heart of helping people engage with your mission in meaningful ways. Enroll in Development & Relationship Continuum ›

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the definition of Development.
  • Learn the stages of the Relationship Continuum ©.
  • Identify how best to engage people along the Continuum.
  • Learn what “critical groups and individuals” are and how to identify them for your ministry.
  • Plan how you will meaningfully connect with your “critical groups”.
  • Learn more effective ways to introduce people to your ministry.
  • Practice conversations about your ministry and experience when someone becomes a partner in the mission.
Leading & Organizing

Leading & OrganizingYou don’t have to be a “leader” to provide leadership. Knowing what enables people to meaningfully connect with your ministry, and how to structure their involvement are essentials of good leadership. You may do all the right things in a developmental relationship and still experience failure. You must also safeguard what influences people’s attitudes in and out of your organization. Practically speaking, good leadership gets things done. Our proven model works for planning anything! Enroll in Leading & Organizing ›

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the Attitude Continuum © and the vital role it plays in your ministry relationships.
  • Learn the subjective factors that cause people to either leave your ministry or become deeply rooted in your vision and mission.
  • Identify where your partners and stakeholders are on the Attitude Continuum.
  • Learn and practice strategies that keep the volunteers you have and encourages new ones to join your mission.
  • Learn how to organize your volunteer structure, so people are partnering in meaningfully ways and your mission is advanced.
  • Learn and practice the eight-step model for successfully planning anything.
  • Develop strategies for productive and successful team meetings.
  • Build a Development Calendar maximizing the best times to invite people to support your ministry.
Development Audit

Development AuditJust as with a doctor’s checkup, we often need to evaluate our Developmental activities and plans. This course gives you the framework to conduct your own checkup, determining the pulse, respiration and general health of your development plans and activities. Enroll Development Audit›

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the elements of a self-audit to objectively identify organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify major categories of donors.
  • Identify real annual contributions.
  • Assess the strength of your general public relations materials.
  • Assess your volunteer recruitment and retention.
  • Identify and prioritize next steps for improving and strengthening your ministry’s Developmental health.
Solicitation Process

Solicitation ProcessThis is the longest and most involved course offered through CDPOnline. This gets to the nuts and bolts of the solicitation process, including: identifying potential partners, cultivating a sustainable relationship with them, and actually “making the ask.” You will learn to use a method for growing and strengthening your relationship with any individual partner or group. This is not about manipulation or fads, but a proven process that honors people and their purpose in fulfilling Kingdom work here on earth. Enroll Solicitation Process ›

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the seven steps of the solicitation process.
  • Apply the solicitation process to a strategy within your ministry.
  • Learn how to “bridge,” to keep the relationship positive and growing.
  • Apply “bridging” to at least two strategies within your ministry.
  • Learn five ways to continue conversations and relationships with individuals even if they’ve declined your request for a donation.
  • Identify basic database needs to support the Solicitation process.
  • Assess your ministry’s current database and IT “health”.
  • Learn how to structure your database so it helps you grow your relationships.
  • Learn how to Prioritize database and/or IT changes and improvements.
Strategic Planning

Strategic PlanningIn our experience, 90% of all Strategic Plans fail! And, most Mission Statements fall woefully short in giving senior leadership, staff, and volunteers the direction, guidance, encouragement, and support they need. Yet, your Development Plan cannot be effective if it’s not connected to your ministry’s Strategic Plan and Mission. This course uses our proven process to help refine your current Mission Statement and Strategic Plan and then directly connect your Development Plan so your Mission is accomplished. Enroll Strategic Planning ›

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the difference between “outputs” and “outcomes”.
  • Learn and practice the process for identifying outcomes that genuinely have meaningful impact.
  • Review your ministry’s Vision & Mission Statements and suggest revisions to strengthen them.

SAVE 50% on Tuition — We encourage your development director, executive director, senior leadership, and board members to take Strategic Planning together. Each additional person from your ministry enrolling with you in Strategic Planning, may enroll for 50% off regular course tuition.

Communications & Public Relations

CommunicationsWe commonly hear CDP students share that, “Our ministry is the best kept secret in our city.” Your story needs to be shared often, effectively, and with passion. This course will give you an overview of effective communication and public relations strategies that will dovetail into your current Development efforts. Enroll Communications & Public Relations ›

Course Objectives:

  • Assess your ministry’s current communication tools and strategies.
  • Identify at least four improvements to your communication strategies.
  • Identify 5 groups critical to your public relations message.
  • Identify the most effective times to use direct mail, email, social media and personal communications.

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Includes all seven Courses. Save on tuition. Receive top priority feedback from our Team.

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