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to help accelerate your mission, along with Jerry Twombly’s Certified Development Professional (CDP) training and direct consulting.

Decision-Making Tools for School Leaders

With SchoolRIGHT, you are partnering with  data collection and analysis experts, guiding you from data to decision making. Having information is important. But having the right information and knowing what to do with it is what we are all about.

SchoolRIGHT serves Christian, Parochial, International and other independent schools. We help school leaders understand their unique culture through accurate and useful data.

Our primary services include: 

  • Pinpoint School Surveys 
  • Confidential Financial Analysis for Tuition Aid Verification

Greg Long is the lead instructor for Jerry Twombly’s Certified Development Professional training program and CEO of The NonProfit Authority. He’s been teaching leadership principles for more than 35 years in a wide variety of church, education, and community environments.

Vision, Leadership, Motivation, Faith, Passionate Service to Others

Greg helps you discover your vision for making a positive difference in the world.

Using the Old Testament story of Nehemiah, this is the saga of Almighty God anointing an everyday person to step out and accomplish the miraculous. The dynamic principles of leadership found in Nehemiah’s story can be part of your story too through this modern-day, practical application.

Greg delivers an affable, inspiring, and extremely practical read that challenges us to reconsider what God wants accomplished and how to lead so those Big Ideas become reality.

Randy Beaverson

Asia-Pacific Director, Youth for Christ



The 11 Rules of Development you never want to break! Well, ok…they’re more like guidelines.  But if you act on them, you will raise more money and engage more people in your mission.

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