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Board Engagement

Are your Board members champions, advocates, and “friend-raisers” for your ministry? A fully equipped and engaged Board is essential to greater impact.  From spiritual and team-building retreats to Strategic Planning and Audits of your organization, we’ll help you take your Board to the next level.

In-person (our preferred) or virtual, we’ll work with you to design an experience that supercharges your leadership. 

Topics to consider:

  • Best Practices of Effective Boards
  • Board Member Roles in Development
  • Connecting Board Members to Life-Change and Results
  • Decision-Making Strategies for Boards
  • Strategic Planning, including Vision, Mission and Outcomes


Equip your Development Team with solid practices, and proven strategies for God-honoring donor stewardship, so you have more money, more people, and more time to fulfill your mission.

Certified Development Professional (CDP) is available online through individual coursework or through a training workshop for teams.  We’ll tailor the agenda to what your team needs…earning their full CDP credential, a general orientation to Development, or diving deeper into a specific topic.

A workshop may be scheduled specifically for your ministry or you may wish to host a workshop for like-minded ministries in your communities.  Share the expense, and benefit by having first choice of dates, and registrations for as many of your staff and volunteers as you need.

If mentoring and ongoing coaching is more of what you need, we’ll work with you to tailor a program that includes monthly conference calls, direct feedback and strategic thinking to help you refine and recharge your ministry’s Development efforts.

Development and Strategic Planning

BIG Vision and BOLD Leadership still require a plan.  A road map – so everyone knows where we are going, and can celebrate when we all arrive together.  The most creative and dynamic Strategic Plan still needs the resources, volunteers and talent to make the trip. 

We’ll help you design a meeting or retreat that brings together all the key stakeholders, draws the map, gets you all on the same page, and next steps to accomplish your Mission. 

Vision + Mission + Strategic Planning + Development Planning = Life Change



Making your God-given Vision a reality requires strong nonprofit management and leadership.  The most effective leaders are always growing and learning.

From a Leadership retreat for your entire team, to one-on-one coaching and mentoring, we want to help you sharpen your leadership skills.

Topics to help you and your entire team increase your impact could include:

  • Servant leadership – leading through serving your team and Mission
  • Decision-making – leading your team through expectations and tensions
  • Team and Community building – leading your team toward your goals as a focused, inspired group
  • Group dynamics – leading teams with rotating membership and terms
  • Communication – leading with Vision and clarity
  • Outcomes – leading for life change, not just activity and busyness

Additional resources include Greg Long’s book, God’s Powerful Vision for Your Life: The BIG Idea, a guide to leadership through the lens of the Book of Nehemiah. 

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Our experience with NPA was a complete Godsend. NPA provided us with educational tools and taught us so much about the inner workings of a nonprofit organization. From Board trainings, consulting, to revamping our bylaws, website, brochures and helping to create quarterly newsletters, they helped with it all. They are not only professional, but they bring a personal commitment to those they work with. We at Kingdom Pillars will be forever grateful for the impact they have had in our lives and also the nonprofit organization we founded. We now have a deeper understanding of the nonprofit sector and have confidence in carrying out our mission. We highly recommend their services to any and all nonprofits.