CDP Certification Program

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Certification or Just One Course?

With the Certification Program, you enroll now in all seven Courses for a tuition of only $1725. 

The CDP Certification Program includes all seven of the Courses required to achieve your credential. If you are responsible for growing your ministry or help support its impact, then you won’t want to miss any of the essentials we have built into this program. You save on tuition! And your projects are given first priority by our Team.

Simply click on Enroll and we’ll sign you up for the seven Courses you need to achieve your Certified Development Professional status.

Choose the order of your coursework.

We do recommend starting with Development & the Relationship Continuum, and Development Audit.

Begin when you are ready and set your own pace.

We recommend working on no more than two Courses at the same time.

Personalized Feedback

In the Certification Program, your ministry projects receive first priority from our expert CDP reviewers.

We will help you refine, enhance, and strengthen your plans.  As always, your Course Instructor is easily contacted through messaging whenever you have questions or need help.

Recognize Your Achievement

You will earn your Badge in each essential element of Development when you successfully complete all assignments and projects in each Course.

Earn all seven Badges and receive your gold-seal status of Certified Development Professional!

Our Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied within 14 days of enrolling in the Certification Program, we will refund your tuition. 



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Certification Includes All Seven Courses: