Certification or Just One Course?

The CDP Certification Program includes all seven of the Courses required to achieve your credential. If you are responsible for growing your ministry or help support its impact, then you won’t want to miss any of the essentials we have built into this program. You save on tuition! And your projects are given first priority by our Team. Click here for details and our risk-free guarantee: CDP Certification Program If you just need a refresher, or have a pressing need in one of the seven essentials of Development, then we invite you to take that individual Course.

About this Course: Fundraising

Fundraising does not need to be the first course you take in your CDP journey. It will, however, give you a full explanation of many of our important terms, principles, and strategies. Our overriding Definition of Development, our Rules of Development (okay, they’re more like guidelines), and Developmental Indicators will quickly get you started with proven and practical strategies to use in your ministry’s Development plan. We Want You To:

  • Learn the definition of Development.
  • Learn and apply tracking of your ministry’s Developmental Indicators to chart a course of growth.
  • Learn how to immediately apply the Rules of Development to your ministry.
  • Learn and apply Giving Charts to your ministry to guide fundraising goals.
  • Learn the importance of non-funding programs to support your Development strategies.
  • Learn four strategies used in nearly every Development and fundraising plan.

Personalized Feedback A member of our expert CDP team will review all your submitted projects and provide personalized feedback on your progress.  Every project uses your ministry as the example. We will help you refine, enhance, and strengthen your plans. Your Course Instructor is easily contacted through messaging whenever you have questions or need help.

Recognize Your Achievement You will earn your Badge in Fundraising when you successfully complete all assignments and projects in this Course. Gain your Certification by earning all seven of the Certified Development Professional Badges.

Our Guarantee If you aren’t satisfied within 14 days of enrolling, we will refund your tuition.


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Certification Includes All Seven Courses: