What is capacity-building?


Identifying Your Part of the Vision

All Christian organizations and ministries have a God-given calling and vision. Your mission is your part of that calling. We help bring focus and clarity to how YOU can best fulfill the vision God has for your organization.


Leading Your Ministry or Organization

Every ministry needs strong, passionate leadership. We provide workshops and mentoring for your Board, senior leadership team, volunteers and others. You benefit by having a consistent team – with consistent decisions about YOUR organization.


Making Your Long-term Direction Clear

Your annual budget isn’t your strategic plan, and yet many groups are led by their checkbook, not their vision. In this mode, many teams get distracted by an urgent need, an emergency or a crisis, either real or perceived. In these difficult times, a clear road map needs to be in place for you and your ministry. We can assist you in making a map and plan that gives you a strong foundation, and room for unanticipated events.


Engaging Others in Your Mission

In God’s economy, we are ALL an important part of His plan. Likewise, you have partners, volunteers, donors and others who need to be a part of your mission. We can help with volunteer engagement, public relations, communications and how to best express appreciation to these important team members.


Funding Your Mission

The Lord owns the cattle on a 1000 hills. We can show you proven, time-tested strategies for building a strong and growing family of donors and financial partners. We can help you find, invite and keep contributors for the long-haul.


Determining Priorities

Every day we have new opportunities and challenges. Our process for planning and operations will help you discern which opportunities need to be pursued, and how to avoid (or at least minimize) challenges.