Accelerate! Webinars, 2022

Guessing at what works to resource your ministry is exhausting, frustrating, and costly.

That simply is not God’s way.


We invite you to join us in these interactive webinars as we make resourcing your ministry simple to understand and easy to do.

Designed for busy ministry leaders and volunteers responsible for fundraising, volunteer engagement, and ministry direction.

Insightful webinars capable of transforming partner development for an organization. A must experience for everyone.

John K. Ansah, MPhil, MBA, BSc
National Director
Ghana Navigators





Proven to Accelerate

The Accelerate! Webinars draw from the proven Certified Development Professional program. Since 1993, more than 3500 individuals in 40 plus countries have applied these principles and practices, with many reporting on average a 20-30% increase in giving in the first year.

We’ll connect the needs of 2022 with solutions that work, so you have more money, more people, and more impact to make your God-given vision a reality.

Webinar series is highly practical and relational.  A good learning environment.

Scott Dalton
International Director
Missio Global

Accelerate! Webinars, 2022

Interactive with Host and Participants

Third Thursdays, February-October 2022
1PM (Eastern, US), 60 minutes each

Recordings available to registered participants

If you are dedicated to developing and growing the impact of your ministry, this series of webinars will help you accomplish that from a Biblical perspective!

Brenda Uwubuntu
Friendraising Consultant

The Big Ask and Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid–Part One

Thursday, June 16

We’ll cover the solicitation process in detail in Parts One and Two.
You will learn:
  • A 5-step process for engaging and deepening your donor relationships.
  • How to use your database to strengthen donor commitment.
  • At least one proven method for identifying new partners.


The Big Ask and Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid–Part Two

Thursday, July 21

You will learn:
  • How to make a compelling invitation without being manipulative.
  • The God-honoring ways of demonstrating gratitude to your partners.
  • How to use a template that works with nearly all donors.


Making the Most of
the Year-End

Thursday, August 18

You will learn:
  • Why it is essential your donors hear from you at the end of the year.
  • How often to connect at the end of the year and ways to do it.
  • What NOT to do in your year-end campaign.


Boards that Accelerate Your Mission

Thursday, September 15

This webinar is ideal for Board Members and Executive Directors
You will learn:
  • How to maximize your Board members’ time, talent, and treasure for mission success.
  • The 4 essential roles every Board Member must embrace regardless of Board position.
  • How to identify the skills, expertise, and perspectives you need represented so your Board advances your mission.


Are You Inspiring or Just Informing?

Thursday, October 20

You will learn:
  • How Outcomes play a vital role in growing donor engagement.
  • How Outcomes can transform your donor communication.
  • How to use Outcomes to create goals that achieve life-change.
  • How Outcomes mean the difference between life-change and just activity.


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